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Oral Surgery Services for Orlando, FL 

Dr. Maali working on dental patientNo one wants to hear that in order to maintain their oral health, they must have oral surgery. At Sand Lake Dental, however, Dr. Maali can perform certain procedures like extractions, soft tissue excision, and even dental implant placement using minimally invasive techniques.

Oral Surgery Procedures

Laser dentistry is a relatively new advancement in dentistry that has made oral surgery and several other procedures more palatable to have and more effective and efficient to perform. Laser dentistry uses an intense beam of light that is projected by a dental laser. Oral surgery performed by laser treatment is far less painful than traditional surgery and usually requires a shorter recovery time. The other benefits of laser dentistry include:

  • Faster healing and tissue regeneration
  • Less bleeding, if any, because the laser seals blood vessels
  • Less use of anesthesia
  • More conservative dentistry, meaning that more of your original tooth structure is preserved
  • Stitches and sutures are required less often

Laser Gum Recontouring

Dr. Maali performs a number of surgical procedures with the aid of laser dentistry. For a patient who has a gummy smile, or excessive gum tissue, a laser can comfortably reshape gum tissue. Dental lasers remove the excess gum tissue to reveal more of a tooth’s surface, thereby creating a more natural looking smile. In addition, a dental laser can be used to remove soft tissue folds that can cause discomfort for a denture wearer.

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If you need oral surgery, don’t hesitate because of your preconceived notion of what surgery involves. Nowadays, with a dental laser, Dr. Maali can perform many oral surgery procedure painlessly.

In Orlando, oral surgery with laser dentistry is available at Sand Lake Dental. Call our office at (407) 603-3300 for more details about how a dental laser might work for you!

Atraumatic Tooth Extraction

Unfortunately, far too many people think of tooth extraction and trauma as going hand-in-hand – but what if it doesn’t have to? During atraumatic tooth extraction, Dr. Maali will use an advanced technique and specialized tools in order to safely remove the tooth while causing only minimal damage to your surrounding tissue and teeth in process.

Traditionally, forceps are used to free a tooth from its socket, wobbling the structure back and forth horizontally until it cracks. Alternatively, atraumatic tooth extraction relies solely on vertical forces, just like you would remove a cork with a corkscrew from a bottle of wine. This way, the process stays smooth and minimally invasive, and your jawbone’s valuable structure is better preserved.

While not every tooth is right for atraumatic tooth extraction, we’ll strongly recommend it whenever possible. Our team will also start working with you right away in order to plan a tooth replacement solution that helps you avoid any unsightly gaps in your smile.