Dr. Ziyad Maali Talks About Fastbraces®


​​​​​​​What is Fastbraces® Technology and what are its benefits?

FastBraces is the technology you can trust since 1992 to move teeth fast and safely. It is great for teenagers and adults who are looking to straighten their teeth quickly with quality results without cutting corners for speed. This affordable technology, used in countries all over the world, is available in discreet tooth-colored esthetic clear or metal braces that enable dentists to complete treatments easily, comfortably, and really fast, even in about 100 days. That's because the technology behind the FASTBRACES® revolutionary innovations and patented braces methods helps restore the morphology of healthy bone around the crooked teeth as they become straight and simultaneously treat the gingivitis around them for an even healthier mouth.

Dr. Ziyad Maali with Fastbraces Inventor Dr. Anthony Viazis

Benefits of FASTBRACES®

  • Really Fast Treatment

  • Even in about 100 Days.

  • Safe, Easy, and Affordable

Please call to setup a complimentary consultation to answer any other questions you may have, and to see if you are a good candidate for FASTBRACES!

Dr. Ziyad Maali Talks About Fastbraces®


FastBraces Case Examples

Crowding with Overbite

72 Days

124 Days

Crowding with High Canines


69 Days

91 Days

99 Days

119 Days

126 Days

Crowding with Openbite

115 Days

Spacing Minor

65 Days

Crowding with Periodontal Disease

Spacing Moderate

Crowding with Opening

120 Days

Crowding with Underbite

117 Days

Crowding Severe With Blocked Tooth

Spacing With Overjet

Crowding Severe

Crowding With Gum Recession

Spacing Severe with Cosmetics

Crowding Blocked Teeth

96 Days

Spacing With Openbite

152 Days

Crowding and Bone Growth

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