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Deep Teeth Cleanings — Orlando, FL

Restoring & Preserving Oral Health

Animated healthy smile after deep teeth cleaningAt Sand Lake Dental, there are really two types of teeth cleaning. The first happens at one of your regularly scheduled, biannual dental checkups. At this appointment, one of our dental hygienists will thoroughly clean and polish your teeth. This cleaning allows us to remove any plaque that has accumulated on the inside of the teeth, the outside, and the biting surfaces. Plaque is that sticky film that naturally builds in our mouths every day. But just because something is natural doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s beneficial. Hiding in plaque are the bacteria that feed off of the sugars left behind by the foods you eat. In turn, these bacteria excrete acids that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

And that’s where the second type, deep teeth cleaning from your Orlando, FL dental team, becomes important. Prophylaxis, the deep teeth cleaning, removes plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) from above and below the gum line. Gum disease (both the early stage of gingivitis and the later stage of periodontitis) happen when the bacteria in plaque begin to infect gum tissue. The bacteria cause gum tissue inflammation and irritation, which produces a normal inflammatory response from the body. As a result of this inflammation, gum tissue becomes red and swollen and eventually teeth may shift and eventually fall out. Moreover, the bacteria that started this problem to begin with may travel through your bloodstream, causing systemic ailments including cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and even dementia.

Teeth Cleaning Procedure

To prevent these systemic conditions as well as the ravages of gum disease, Sand Lake Dental offer prophylaxis, or deep teeth cleaning. By performing prophylaxis, we can remove the built-up plaque and hardened tartar from above and below the gum line, as well as from inside gum pockets that may form as gum disease worsens. No matter how well you brush and floss, removing deposits and bacteria from gum pockets is impossible. We have special dental equipment that allows us to thoroughly clean away plaque and tartar.

After cleaning, we’ll smooth the surfaces of tooth roots in a procedure called root planing. When your roots are smooth, plaque is less likely to cling and start trouble all over again. If Dr. Maali sees that it’s necessary, then an antibiotic or antimicrobial cream can be applied to the enlarged gum pockets. These medications encourage healing and better tissue regeneration and reattachment of your gums to the tooth structure.

Dr. Maali strongly encourages patients to schedule two appointments for teeth cleaning every year. For patients with periodontitis, prophylaxis should be performed every three or four months. Unfortunately, gum disease is not curable. However, with regular and proper teeth cleaning, this bacterial infection can be controlled so you can enjoy the best possible oral health.

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In Orlando, teeth cleaning and prophylaxis is available at Sand Lake Dental. Call our dental office at (407) 355-0608 for more details about how thorough teeth cleaning from Dr. Maali and our team might work for you!