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7 Celebrities Who Have Undergone Cosmetic Dentistry Work

January 13, 2020

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Have you ever wondered why all the Hollywood celebrities seem to have perfect smiles? There’s a secret at work here: cosmetic dentistry! Most of these rich and famous people have all the money in the world to invest in the appearance of their teeth. From straightening crooked smiles to whitening their teeth to concealing aesthetic flaws with porcelain veneers, there are all sorts of options available for celebrities and non-famous people alike to perfect their smiles. A cosmetic dentist in Orlando is here to talk about a few celebrities who we know have achieved perfect smiles thanks to cosmetic dentistry.

Zac Efron

The “High School Musical” star originally had a gap in between his two front teeth. Most dentists would call this a “diastema.” It disappeared seemingly out of nowhere without the help of traditional braces. This is because the actor used Invisalign to even out the gaps between his teeth.

Miley Cyrus

As a child, Miley Cyrus had adorably crooked teeth. However, when she got older, she elected to straighten them, again without the help of metal braces. This leads us to believe that her teeth were straightened with Invisalign clear braces.

Tom Cruise

If you want to get a glimpse of what this actor’s smile looked like before his cosmetic treatments, watch the movie “Risky Business.” He had chips, gaps, and crooked teeth galore. By the time he starred in “Mission Impossible,” he had perfected his grin with the help of orthodontics and porcelain veneers.

Morgan Freeman

As we age, our teeth tend to stain more easily. Morgan Freeman used to have not only discolored teeth, but gaps between them as well. Professional teeth whitening and veneers or cosmetic bonding are likely the reason behind the actor’s revamped smile.

Ed Helms

This actor didn’t have to do very much work to make it look like he lost a tooth in “The Hangover.” He’d actually had several dental implants placed decades ago. So, he simply had his taken out for the shoot.

Hillary Duff

Growing up, this Disney Channel starlet had a slightly crooked smile. Initially, she chose not to correct it. One day, however, a microphone chipped one of her teeth, and she was all but forced to address it with porcelain veneers.

Jim Carrey

To make his “Dumb and Dumber” character look, well, dumber, Jim Carrey asked his dentist to remove some of the bonding material on his front tooth. The actor had the tooth bonded after it was chipped when he was young.

Even though cosmetic dentistry is common among celebrities, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit it from it too! Contact your dentist in Orlando today to set up an appointment and see which cosmetic procedure would best benefit your smile.

About the Author

Dr. May Chen has been practicing dentistry in Central Florida for almost 20 years. She has performed all aspects of dentistry, including Invisalign, porcelain veneers, and dental implants. She appreciates being able to make a difference in a person’s life by transforming their smile through cosmetic dentistry. To contact her practice, you can call (407) 355-0608.

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