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A Cosmetic Dentist in Orlando Answers Your Common Questions

January 15, 2019

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Every person, man or woman, knows what small flaws they would change if they could wave a magic wand: some would choose to be taller, or stronger, or maybe change their hair color. Others may wish they could transform their smile. Do you have a small chip in your tooth that you always notice in the mirror, even if others do not? Or do you think your smile would be improved if your teeth were slightly more even? You do not need magic to achieve the perfect smile of your dreams – just talk to a cosmetic dentist in Orlando! While there are a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can transform a smile, teeth reshaping is an ideal solution for people with minor dental imperfections. Have questions? You will find the answers you are looking for below.

How is Teeth Reshaping Performed?

Teeth reshaping, also known as enameloplasty, is a simple cosmetic dentistry treatment that uses drills or lasers to gently remove a small amount of enamel to change your teeth’s size, shape or length. The reshaped tooth or teeth are then polished for a smooth finish.

Teeth reshaping is often used to improve the appearance of the most visible teeth – the upper front incisors and canines.

Does Teeth Reshaping Result in Sensitivity?

Your teeth may be sensitive to hot and cold drinks and foods for a few days after they have been reshaped, but the sensitivity should go away after a few days.  

However, since your enamel will be slightly thinner after reshaping, it is important that you be extra careful about preserving the remaining protective tooth layer. Consider switching to an extra-soft-bristled toothbrush and avoid brushing with too much pressure.

What are the Benefits?

People seek to improve the appearance of their smiles with teeth reshaping due in part to these advantages:

  • Immediate Results – The reshaping procedure typically takes less than a half hour, so only one short appointment with your dentist is required.
  • Painless Procedure – There are no nerves in tooth enamel, so you can improve your smile without worrying about any pain.
  • Permanent New Smile – Enamel does not grow or change shape as you age, so once your teeth have been reshaped to your satisfaction your new smile will last a lifetime!

Am I a Good Candidate?

Teeth reshaping is an ideal solution for people with minor cosmetic dental imperfections, such as:  

  • Chipped teeth
  • Uneven teeth
  • Poorly aligned teeth

If you have more serious dental problems, such as severely crooked, crowded or misshapen teeth, your dentist may recommend other cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as braces, veneers and dental bonding.

Reshaping teeth is a quick and easy way to improve the appearance of your smile. Ask a dentist in Orlando if teeth reshaping is the right cosmetic dentistry solution for you!  

About the Author

Recognized as a top Orlando Dentist by Orlando Magazine, Dr. Ziyad Maali enjoys treating the unique dental needs of each patient that walks through his office doors. The proud University of Florida College of Dentistry graduate helps Orlando residents achieve the smile of their dreams by offering a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments, including professional teeth-whitening, veneers and metal-free restorations. For more information on cosmetic dentistry solutions, visit the SandLake Dental website or call Dr. Maali at the office at 407-355-0608.

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