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Discover the Many Benefits of Lumineers in Orlando

August 5, 2017

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young man with big smileThere are few traits as endearing as a beautiful smile. When you show off those pearly whites, you can improve your mood and help cheer up those around you. A great smile gives you the confidence to be the star of all those selfies that your friends insist on taking when you’re out on the town. But what if your smile isn’t as attractive as you would like? Lumineers in Orlando can help.


What Does a Cosmetic Dentist in Orlando Do?

July 4, 2017

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Cosmetic dentistry provides whitening

Science shows us that smiling is good for you and those around you. Even when you have to force yourself to smile, you can reduce stress levels and improve your mood. However, you might miss out on the benefits of smiling if you hold back because of embarrassing cosmetic issues. Maybe your pearly whites aren’t so white, or maybe you have noticeable gaps in your smile. A cosmetic dentist in Orlando might be able to solve whatever issues are marring your smile so you get back to showing off your happy.


Tips to Care for Your Veneers from Your Cosmetic Dentist in Orlando

June 16, 2017

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Your cosmetic dentist in Orlando will transform your smile with porcelain veneers.Are you finally ready to correct your unattractive teeth with porcelain veneers? You are making a wise investment in your smile and your confidence. By covering your imperfections with the thin shells, you will drastically transform them with a solution that provides long-term results. However, although they do last an average of 10 years, at some point, they will need to be replaced. As your cosmetic dentist in Orlando, Dr. Ziyad Maali provides easy tips to properly care for your new smile to promote its longevity.

How To Care For Dental Crowns In Orlando

May 4, 2017

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To extend the lifespan of and get the most out of your dental crowns in Orlando, use these helpful hints from Sand Lake Family Dental. Your smile has always been your best feature, which is why you were always so bothered by that one “bad” tooth in the back of your mouth. No matter how much you brushed and flossed, nothing seemed to help, and eventually what started out as a cavity became a painful oral infection that required treatment from your dentist in Orlando. But rather than being apprehensive about treatment, you were thankful that Dr. Ziyad Maali at Sand Lake Family Dental placed a dental crown to restore your original tooth, which immediately ended your discomfort. Now that you’re somewhat familiar with dental crowns in Orlando, you want to make sure you take proper care of your new tooth to get the most out of your restorative treatment – and luckily for you, Dr. Maali shares his helpful hints in this post.


We Help Patients Get New Smiles with Veneers in Orlando

April 28, 2017

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Have you ever wondered how life would be if you didn’t have a flaw in your smile? Imagine looking like one of those people that belong on the cover of a glamorous beauty magazine? If you didn’t know before, you are one of those people! The flaws that stand in your smile now don’t have to be visible forever. There aren’t any corrections that are too far gone or extensive to be executed by your cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ziyad Maali. SandLake Family Dental takes pride in improving our patients smiles in a single, personalized, comfortable cosmetic procedure: veneers in Orlando. View our testimonial page to witness our ecstatic patients rave about how we have changed their smiles—and lives—with our high-quality cosmetic dentistry.


Reasons to Get Your Teeth Cleaned by Your Orlando Dentist

March 30, 2017

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Health care professionals at the well-respected Cleveland Clinic reinforce something that your dentist in Orlando, Dr. Ziyad Maali, teaches: prevent problems with your teeth and gums with regular professional cleanings and check-ups. Most children, teens, and adults should see Dr. Maali twice a year.


Come See Dr. Maali for Teeth Cleaning in Doctor Phillips

February 17, 2017

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Do you really need to have your teeth professionally cleaned twice each year? After all, you are diligent about your at-home oral hygiene routine; you brush at least two times a day with fluoride toothpaste, you floss daily and you use a mouth rinse. That’s all well and good, but there is really nothing like a professional teeth cleaning in Doctor Phillips with the team at Sand Lake Family Dental. We offer two types of teeth cleaning: one is standard and performed during your biannual checkup and the other is a deep cleaning to remove plaque and tartar. Schedule the standard cleanings twice a year and we may not need to see you for a deep cleaning.


Dentist in Doctor Phillips “Myth Busts” Tooth Brushing Tales

January 10, 2017

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Your parents have laid a great foundation for your good dental hygiene—props to Mom and Dad! But occasionally, you still see puffiness in your gums or experience bleeding while flossing at night. The mystery of what’s lacking in your dental routine begins! Fortunately, Sand Lake Family Dental is here with our handy notebook full of tips and a magnifying glass to take a closer look at the problem. In most cases of dental anonymities, your approach to brushing may be the issue. Here are nine myths that you’re blindly following—broken down and explained—from your dentist in Doctor Phillips, Dr. Ziyad Maali. (more…)

How Often Should You Get a Teeth Cleaning in Orlando?

December 14, 2016

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It may feel frustrating when your six-month cleaning and checkup rolls around. It feels like you just went to this appointment. How often should you get a teeth cleaning in Orlando? Do you really need to go twice per year? Wouldn’t one visit per year be sufficient? Well the answers are yes, you need to go every six months, and no, one visit per year is not sufficient. Your trusted team at Sand Lake Family Dental tells you why.


Are Family History and Gum Disease in Orlando Related?

November 13, 2016

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The older you get, the more you notice how you resemble your parents. It goes beyond simple things like hair and eye color; you can see shades of your mom and dad in your personality more clearly now. Genetics plays a humongous role in our lives, and that includes our oral health. Did you know your family history can impact your risk of gum disease in Orlando? Dr. Ziyad Maali wants you to know a little more about this connection, as well as what you can do about it. (more…)

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