Teeth Whitening Orlando Smiles About

Want to make a great first impression? Then first think about your smile. Research shows that people with white, bright and attractive smiles go further socially and professionally. With the inevitable progress of time, however, your naturally white teeth may become stained and discolored. The cosmetic solution is teeth whitening with the powerful and effective Zoom! teeth whitening system. Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Maali and his assistants at Sand Lake Family Dental are ready to help you erase years of stains, so you can have a smile that is several shades whiter.

First, let’s consider what may have caused your teeth to darken. There are several contributing factors, including:

  • Richly colored foods and beverages such as that morning coffee, tea, cola, berries, tomatoes and chocolate
  • Certain antibiotics such as tetracycline and some chemotherapy treatments
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco, which both contain nicotine—a staining agent that penetrates your tooth’s enamel
  • Teeth grinding and clenching that darken the biting surfaces of your teeth
  • Traumatic injury that darkens a tooth or causes cracks, which hide stain causing food particles and debris
  • The unavoidable aging process

With Zoom! Whitening, Smiles are Rescued!

Zoom! in-office whitening treatment will take your smile from drab to fab in just one office visit. Now, we know what you’re thinking: what about all of those over-the-counter brands of teeth whitening? The fact of the matter is you never know how long those have been sitting on the shelf. With Zoom! teeth whitening you can be certain you are receiving full-strength bleaching gel that is professionally applied.

Zoom! Whitening Treatment Process

At Sand Lake Family Dental, the road to a whiter smile is really quite short. Once you’re comfortably seated in the exam chair wearing protective eyewear, we’ll get to work making your smile brighter. After your teeth are cleaned and polished, we protect your delicate gum tissue with a rubberized dam. Then, we apply the proprietary Zoom! whitening gel. A concentrated laser is focused on your teeth to activate and speed the bleaching agents in the gel. If necessary, we can reapply the gel a second or third time to achieve the best results possible. At the end of your Zoom! whitening appointment, the smile you see in the mirror will make quite an impression on you!

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