Mini Dental Implants in Orlando


For many people, dentures are a way of life. But while they may be a necessity—and they are certainly a better choice than partial or complete edentulism—dentures do have their disadvantages. One of the chief complaints Dr. Maali and his staff hear from denture wearers is that even though they are carefully fitted, they are sometimes uncomfortable and they simply do not perform like natural teeth. Fortunately, there is a way to help patients enjoy greater stability from their dentures.

In Orlando, dental implants have become a more and more popular option for denture security. For many patients, however, standard dental implants are not an appropriate choice. Some denture wearers have already experienced bone resorption, so they may not have sufficient bone volume to support a typical dental implant. This can sometimes be treated with bone grafting, but the procedure is another expense and there can be medical complications.

Furthermore, placement of traditional dental implants can be a rather invasive procedure that requires a lengthy time for healing. Therefore, a patient’s overall health must be assessed before proceeding with dental implants. So, while implant-retained dentures may be a tempting option for greater stability, they simply are not practical for some patients.

An Alternative to Traditional Implants

Fortunately, Dr. Maali can provide a viable alternative to traditional dental implants for denture retention. Mini dental implants are a significantly smaller version of standard implants. As such, they may be ideal for patients who have bone tissue loss, smaller arches or other considerations. In addition, the placement of mini dental implants is not like the procedure required for traditional implants. Usually, Dr. Maali can place mini implants in a one-day appointment. Each implant is strategically positioned along an arch to provide the greatest stability. Pilot holes are drilled and the implants are inserted and tightened.

With the implants in place, dentures can be secured. We outfit the underside of dentures with a metal housing that attaches to the mini implants. For patients with existing dentures, we can often reuse these if they are in good condition.

Because placing mini dental implants is a one-day procedure, they are often more affordable. If you or a loved one is already a denture wearer, or if dentures are in your future, then talk to Dr. Maali or a staff member at Sand Lake Family Dental about mini dental implants. You’ll enjoy greater comfort and stability when you chew, speak and smile with your mini implant retained dentures.

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