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A beautiful smile is a valuable commodity. Your smile can non-verbally communicate many important messages including, “Hello, how are you?” “I’m glad to see you.” “Have a good day.” Unless, of course, you hide your smile, because the smile you have is less than attractive. If this is you, then consider cosmetic dentistry. At Sand Lake Family Dental in Orlando, FL, Dr. Maali and his staff provide a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments to help you have a smile you’ll be glad to share with those around you.

Composite “White” Fillings

At Sand Lake Family Dental, we use composite resin for all your filling restorations. We have not used amalgam, or “silver” metal fillings since 2004, and have never looked back. Composite offers the strength and adaptability required to withstand chewing functions, but also chemically bonds and helps seal tooth-restoration margins to decrease sensitivity. It goes without saying that it also look more natural, as our staff will use a shade guide to use a composite resin that will match your teeth for a more seamless restoration that only your dentist will notice. We also offer a newer composite that contain no Bisphenol A, no Bis-GMA and no BPA derivatives. If you wish to use this type of composite, please let our staff know ahead of time.

Teeth Whitening

One of the fastest and most convenient of all cosmetic dentistry treatments is teeth whitening. With time, a number of different factors degrade the brightness of our smiles. There’s the food we eat—tomatoes, berries and chocolate—and the beverages we drink—coffee, tea, red wine—that are darkly colored. Smoking discolors teeth, too, along with some antibiotics and some forms of chemotherapy. Teeth grinding and an injury can also darken your teeth. To reverse the effects of these offenders, Dr. Maali offers Zoom! Whitening. This in-office service takes about an hour and can make your smile several shades whiter with only one treatment.

Porcelain Veneers & Lumineers

If your smile is marred by more than just discoloration, then consider either porcelain veneers or Lumineers®. Both of these cosmetic treatments create new and attractive smiles by covering your teeth with tooth-shaped pieces of dental porcelain that hide the imperfections of your natural smile. In addition to stained teeth, veneers may be the ideal solution if you have teeth that are chipped, cracked, misshapen, too small or slightly crooked. With porcelain veneers, Dr. Maali prepares your teeth by removing a thin layer of enamel and then adhesively bonding the veneers to the facial side of teeth in your smile zone. Lumineers, on the other hand, do not require any tooth preparation. In either case, Dr. Maali uses x-rays, impressions and photos to design porcelain veneers or Lumineers that naturally restore your unique smile.

All-Porcelain Crowns & Bridges

When a tooth is damaged—whether by injury, decay or even normal wear and tear—restoring that tooth is imperative. With a restoration, your tooth can continue to function and be a healthy component of your beautiful smile. Depending on the degree of damage, Dr. Maali may recommend a dental crown. This restoration—also known as a dental cap—encases an entire tooth to protect and reinforce the tooth.

A Crown is often the preferred restoration for a tooth that is:

  • Severely cracked and in danger of splitting
  • Broken or fractured
  • Extensively decayed
  • Compromised by a broken filling or existing crown
  • In need of protection and added strength after root canal therapy

A Bridge is a dental restoration that is used to replace one or more missing teeth by using the teeth on either side of the gap as anchors or “abutments”. Since these other teeth are to be shaved or “prepared” to be used as bridge retainers, there is sometimes the risk for sensitivity or future caries and fracture on these teeth, so a Dental implant should be considered first as the ideal tooth replacement option. If your situation does not allow for an implant procedure due to lack of bone or risk of surgery, a dental bridge is a popular method to replace missing teeth fixed and permanently. We highly recommend using good floss threading technique and bi-annual dental hygiene cleaning appointments to monitor and prevent future problems.

Although there a few choices of materials for your dental crowns and or bridge, Dr. Maali usually prefers a porcelain crown with no metal. Not only is this material strong and durable, it also provides a very natural appearance that mimics both the color and translucence of your natural teeth.


We proudly offer Invisalign as our exclusive method to help straighten crowding or spacing teeth,or re-straighten teeth that have relapsed from previous braces or orthodontic treatment.  Invisalign clear plastic aligners are organized in a sequential series of sets—one for your upper teeth and one for your lower. You’ll wear each set for approximately two weeks. Dr. Maali will want you to wear your Invisalign braces for most of the hours of every day (20-22 hours per day for best results). However, you will be able to easily remove your aligners when it’s to eat or brush and floss your teeth. With Invisalign you can enjoy all of your favorite foods, including the ones that are not allowed with traditional braces, such as popcorn, crunchy or cheesy snacks, chewy candy and extremely hard foods. After eating, brush and floss your teeth as you normally do. This is a particular advantage that Invisalign offers over metal brackets and wires—there is much less risk of dental problems such as cavities and gum disease because your ability to brush and floss is not made more difficult by Invisalign.

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